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The Daures Green Hydrogen Village is based in the Daures Constituency. The Daures Constituency is the largest constituency in the Erongo Region in Namibia with a population of approximately 11,350 people.

Majority of the people in this area depend on communal subsistence farming for their livelihood. The name Daures is derived from the Khoe Khoegowab name of the Brandberg mountain which is the highest in Namibia.


Erongo Region |  Namibia




  • The Daures Green Hydrogen Village is a project run by the Daures Green Hydrogen Consortium (DGHC)

  • The DGHC is the lead project developer in collaboration with other entities that will provide a variety of services for the project

  • The research component for the project will be conducted by UNAM through the National Green Hydrogen Research Institute (NGHRI) and the University of Stuttgart.​

  • The team has expertise in various fields relating to the production of energy, hydrogen, ammonia and it's applications.

  • The majority of project activities will be performed in Namibia in the Daures Constituency, ​

  • The project will provide Namibian and German students and graduates with research opportunities

  • Development of local expertise through training opportunities at the facility for Namibian students and graduates

"The project will have a focus on green scheme agriculture which will realize the production of green hydrogen and green ammonia and the utilization of its derivatives."

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  • Sustainable production of green hydrogen and green ammonia from renewable energy sources

  • Local community partnership and green schemes

  • The Daures Green Hydrogen Consortium (DGHC) will work in collaboration with various entities

  • Estimated total energy profile of the project site projected to between 1GW to 1.5GW​

  • Pilot plant will be used for research and serve as a proof of concept​

  • The project will be based in the Daures Constituency in Uis with a total project area of 30,000 hectares

  • Pilot project will support the enablement of green hydrogen and green ammonia economy locally in Namibia

  • Subsequent phases will target the export of green hydrogen and green ammonia

  • Project will be executed in a phased approach with:

  •  Phase 1 and 2:  Focusing on short term viability and and demonstration use cases

  • Phase 3 and 4: Will focus on industrial level production for increased local and international consumption